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Despite not knowing how to swim, this hotel guest didn’t hesitate to dive into the deep end and rescue a drowning child.

A mother, her companion, and her five kids were splashing about in the hotel pool of the New Jersey La Quinta Inn on Thursday when disaster struck.

According to the Associated Press, one of the children slipped into the deep end and was unable to resurface. Since no one in the group knew how to swim, the companion ran to the front desk yelling for help.

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Randolph Tajada-Perez of Hazleton, Pennsylvania was checking in to the hotel when he heard the calls for help.

Even though he also didn’t know how to swim, Randolph jumped into the pool after the child. After a few failed attempts, the guest was finally able to rescue the boy.

The child is reportedly in stable condition while Randolph is reportedly hailed as a hero.

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