People may grieve in different ways, but Tom McDonald’s way of paying tribute to his late friend is especially unique.

McDonald’s friend from childhood, Roy Riegel, was a devoted baseball fan and an exceptionally talented plumber. He also passed away in April 2008.

So as a means of honoring his best buddy, McDonald has spent the last nine years going to 13 different baseball stadiums across America with his friend’s ashes in tow.

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Originally, the retired New York City transit authority worker had planned on sprinkling his buddy’s remains on the fields – but he soon figured out that he wouldn’t be allowed to leave ashes on a baseball green.

So instead of dirtying up the fields, McDonald started depositing his friend’s ashes in a way that was only fit for a plumber: flushing them down the stadium toilets.

While the tribute may seem a little vulgar, McDonald figures that it’s a more personal homage to his buddy – and it’s more permanent.

(WATCH the video below)

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