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A city in Kansas is proud of their Black Lives Matter protest on Tuesday, during which no one was hurt or arrested, and no property was damaged. Protestors praised the police for their efforts in allowing voices and first amendment rights to be expressed—and things only got better going forward.

Wichita Police Chief Gordon Ramsay says that despite personnel shortages in the department, he will continue to make sure officers are properly trained in cultural competency, while he tries to free up more of officers’ time for community policing.

Plans for another BLM protest on Sunday were changed to a community cookout after leaders met with Ramsay the day after the demonstration. Ramsay said he and the mayor wanted to raise the money to organize a barbecue for the city’s law enforcement professionals and the community at large.

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“It’s a first step for the community to be able to get to know the officers that work and live around northeast Wichita,” protest supporter Djuan Wash told KSN News.

He believes it’s the first step toward healing and building a bond between those in blue and those who want to end injustice.

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Any and all are invited to attend the 6:00 pm cook-out, billed as the ‘First Steps Barbecue’, today at Emerson McAdams Park.

(WATCH the video below from USA News)

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