This man doesn’t need a hand in doing anything – not even winning gold at an archery competition.

Despite 35-year-old Matt Stutzman being born without arms, he just won first place at the target competition, and second place at the open compound final of the USA Archery Outdoor National Championships in Westfield, Indiana.

The father of three competes the same way that he hunts, parents, and drives a car – by using his feet.

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Stutzman, who first started doing archery in 2009, hopes that his victory will put him on the map for joining the US Archery World Cup Team.

This is not Stutzman’s first athletic achievement, either – in 2012, the Paralympian won silver at the London games.

He now uses his triumphs to inspire others into pursuing their own dreams.

“If a guy without arms can get a bow and sit down and compete with the best in the world at a sport with them using their arms, what’s your excuse?” Stutzman told Fox 59. “Why aren’t you doing what you want to do? Get off the couch and get it done.”

(WATCH the video below)

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