Andrew Wright’s tear-jerking reunion with his therapy dog, Polo, is going viral. The Cleveland man was victim to a carjacking in which Polo, another puppy named Baby Girl, and Andrew’s car were stolen at a gas station.

Andrew suffers from seizures, and Polo is able to detect them. The car, which has OnStar, was recovered by police, but Baby Girl and Polo were not.

“It’s hurting. It’s hurting every minute. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I hear [them] crying,” Andrew told WJW, as he begged for help on the news.

Fortunately, the right person was watching. Mariah Singleton had noticed a small dog following her neighbor around. That tiny Havanese was Polo.

“We paused the TV, and then we were looking,” Mariah recalled. “Then, when he called him by his real name, he started listening and stuff. So that’s how we knew it was probably his dog.”

Until she saw the news story, she’d thought Polo was a stray who needed a home. Mariah called the Cleveland police, who organized the bittersweet reunion.

“Thank you for having a heart. Thank God for opening your heart to call,” Andrew said. “That’s community. You guys helped us. You’re helping people — this is what we need.”

The reunion has Andrew hoping that someone will spot Baby Girl, too.

Watch the tearjerking video of Andrew and Polo by clicking the link below…

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