WWII Soldier Sketches-Ira Dube

Do you recognize any of the American heroes in this video? Because Ira Dube is on a mission to return the drawings to their rightful inherited owners.

Ira’s father Stan Dube created breathtaking portraits of all of his comrades in arms that were serving with him in the U.S. Army 27th Infantry Division during World War II.

Ira had no idea that the precious portfolio existed until he found them gathering dust in his sister’s attic.

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Stan and his fellow soldiers had fought in the Battle of Saipan in the Mariana Islands in 1944. Though it was a bloody battle that claimed thousands of Japanese and American lives, it hasreportedly been called one of the turning points of the war.

Ira believes that even though many of the men in his father’s sketches probably did not survive that battle, he can still honor their memories by delivering the drawings to their families.

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Thus far, Ira has successfully delivered one of the sketches to the family of Joseph Joner Kratky from Franklin, New York, but there are still 15 more drawings left.

“[These men] need to be remembered and honored and I just want to find them a home,” Ira tearfully told FOX21.

Ira believes that the men would be from the New York or New Jersey area. If you have any information on the identities of the 15 men, you can email Ira at [email protected]

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