It’s strange to see a majestic animal like this stuck in a sticky situation, but luckily, someone stepped up to help the poor critter — with a chainsaw.

Jacob Eing was spending time outside one night when he noticed a group of deer frolicking ahead. At the sight of him, they all fled the scene, except for one.

Because he noticed the deer’s tail kept flopping up and down at a frantic pace, Jacob decided to investigate.

When he finally got near the deer, he discovered that the animal had somehow gotten one of its antlers lodged in a tree.

Jacob tried to free the deer himself, but the antler was stuck. He then ran back home and asked his dad to come help a deer—and to bring his chainsaw.

Even though his dad was a bit confused at the request, he obliged. The two of them then went back to the deer and freed his antlers.

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