By Simon Dell / SWNS

A British man who six years ago built an adorable mouse village to cope with depression has added a pub, a book shop, and Hobbit homes so he could capture even more heartwarming photos.

Simon Dell began creating the ‘mini shire’ when he spotted a wild mouse in his back garden and wanted to protect it from neighborhood cats.

Since then, the 50-year-old has attracted more mice to the luxury mouse town, constructed from recycled materials and repurposed trash.

Simon documents daily village activities across his social media channels (George the Mouse in a log pile house) with an impressive following of over 150,000.

“Without photography, and the fun of making little things for little things, I could soon sink back into deep depression,” said Simon.

“Photography gave me a reason to get up and out again and the mouse village gave me back my smile.

“I hope it gives others the same joy it gives me.”

The Log Pile Inn pub (with ‘No Cats’ sign out front) in Simon Dell’s mouse village – SWNS
A book shop in Simon Dell’s mouse village / SWNS

Back in 2018, Simon recalls sitting in his garden in South Yorkshire when he “could see cats sitting just feet away from this little mouse at the other side of a fence.”

He piled some small logs around a box as a home for the mouse and covered it with moss and straw to give him a little shelter, and wire fencing to keep the cats at bay.


After erecting the shelter for the mouse, which he named George, he began adding more homes next door. Within days, a few mice pals had moved in, looking to get-in on the creature comforts.

Barrel outside the Log Pile Inn by Simon Dell / SWNS

The wildlife photographer began adding intricate detail to the tiny houses, fashioning dining tables and giving them props for hobbies like painting, boating, gardening, and photography.

By Simon Dell / SWNS
Simon Dell / SWNS
Simon Dell / SWNS

Today, Simon says there are around 20 mice, with possibly two family groups—and a lot has changed in the village.

“The only limit is my own imagination and skills at making the new buildings – as everything is made by hand from recycled bits of wood old logs or just about anything I can find in skips or the trash that could be given a new life.”

“They have two of my old boots converted into mouse homes and lots of other types of homes scattered around the village.

“In fact they have just about everything you would find in a village or even a town.”

The village in 2019 – SWNS

He has plans to add a train station, cafe and a theater or cinema.

Simon says the mouse village has given him—and many of his followers—immense joy amidst personal struggles.

The Village in 2019 – SWNS

“As I have always suffered with depression, insomnia, and anxiety, they are always there to support me in good or bad times—and many find my photos and videos help make them smile daily and lift their moods.

“That has always been my goal to make others smile along with keeping my mind and body active.”

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