hitchhiker in underwear for charityPeople have bicycled, walked, even roller-bladed across Canada for charity. But Mark McIntyre is likely the only person who has ever hitch-hiked across Canada wearing nothing but his underwear and a smile.

As a testicular cancer survivor, he teamed up with an underwear manufacturer that agreed to donate $20,000 bringing Mark’s fundraising total to $32,000 for men’s cancer research. He also wants to educate men on how to check themselves regularly, like women do.

“A really negative thing in my life became a really positive thing,” he told CTV when he arrived at the underwear factory to end his three-week cross-country adventure.

After setting out from Vancouver on Nov. 14, fans and followers on social media helped arrange some of the rides that got him to the finish line in Truro, Nova Scotia on Tuesday, December 5. (He switched to insulated long underwear in the frigid mid-section of the country.)

(WATCH the video below, or READ the story (and see another video) at CTV)

Thanks to Anne Corke for submitting the story!

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