suspended coffee cupAt select coffee shops around the world you can get your morning caffeine fix and at the same time do a kind deed for someone in the community.

Buying a “Suspended Coffee” means purchasing an extra cup at the time you are paying, which can be claimed later by anyone who walks in from the street who may be unable to afford one. The barristas keep track of how many Suspended Coffees have been bought and serve them for free upon request.

The movement has been growing in popularity since it began in Italy several years ago, and has already been embraced by hundreds of coffee shops around the world.

Now, Starbucks has announced it will be adopting a version of the scheme in the UK, but with drinks being distributed by charity partners around the communities.

The movement is being documented on a blog called — and, lately, on a Facebook page set up to promote the idea.

(WATCH the video at the BBC)

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