These music executives were simply on their way south for a motorcycle rally last week – they weren’t expecting to become heroes on the way there.

The 10-person crew was heading to South Dakota through Illinois when a semi-truck crashed full speed into a car that was stopped for construction vehicles on I-24.

The collision caused an 8-car pile-up that led to several gasoline leaks on the highway. As fuel spewed across the pavement, the motorcyclists – 2 of whom used to work as paramedics –leaped into action.

The bikers called 911, assembled onlookers, and started pulling drivers out of the damaged vehicles. After rescuing a family of six from their SUV and an injured trucker and his friends, they turned towards a woman who was trapped in her crumpled car.

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When they failed to get her out of the car, they started dragging the whole heap of metal to safety by hand.

It’s a good thing that they did, too – immediately after they pulled the car into the grassy median strip, an explosion tore through the vehicles that had only just recently been filled with people.

Ten minutes after the collision, emergency vehicles arrived to treat the injured and extinguish the blaze.

“I knew it was going to blow up. That’s 100 percent. It just hadn’t blown up yet. It smelled like acid and black smoke,” Marc Oswald, co-founder of the Oswald Entertainment Group, told the Tennessean. “The fact that nobody died is a miracle.”

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