Human Chain Rescue screenshot Arlyn Satanek and WTAEStrangers formed a human chain to rescue a truck driver after his rig crashed on a snowy road, leaving him hanging off a cliff.

Matthew was driving through a massive winter storm in Pennsylvania Friday, when two cars in front of him spun out of control.


He hit the brakes, losing control of his big rig on the slick road. The 18-wheeler took out 30 feet of guardrail before coming to a stop — the cab hanging precariously over a steep hillside.

Even worse, tree branches kept Collins from opening his door to escape and the smell of leaking diesel fuel portended fire.

Hardly any time passed after the accident, before a rescuer moved the branches, forced the door open, and pulled Collins from the cab with one arm.

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As the trucker looked up the hill, he saw eight men, arms linked together, forming a human chain to secure their safety up the slippery slope.

Truck driver Arlyn Satanek happened on the scene and snapped a photo of the rescue.

“It was just like everyone knew in that moment, we have to reach him, ‘Let’s lock into this and get this guy up.’ It was awesome,” Satanek told WTAE News.

As quickly as the human chain formed, each of its links headed back to their vehicles.

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Collins didn’t get a chance to thank them at the time for their “proper road ettiquette,” but said later it’s “nice to know there’s still people like that out there.”

(WATCH the video from WTAE News below) — Photo: Arlyn Satanek

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