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A desperate woman was surprised when neighbors she’d never met showed up at her door bringing bags of groceries.

It all started with a cryptic note left in several mailboxes around an Oklahoma City neighborhood. They were slips of paper with a name, an address and a list of food items.

J. D. McCoy didn’t know what to do until she found out that her neighbors also had received the grocery lists.

After some consideration, she rallied them to shop for the items on the list — plus some extras — and took the food to the address on the message.

It turns out that the elderly woman, who had become the recipient of so much kindness, didn’t know that her son, who is dying of cancer, left the notes when his mother didn’t have enough money to buy food for the pair.

J. D. is now also coordinating rides for the woman to her doctor appointments, because her eyesight is failing.

(WATCH the video below from KFOR-News Channel 4)

Story tip from Rose Marie B

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