When Betzabe Gomez was writing a letter to Santa Claus at her neighbor’s house a couple of weeks ago, she wasn’t asking for toys or treats – she was begging Saint Nick to fix her family’s house.

Betzabe wrote: “Dear Santa, I need help in my house because when it’s raining, the rain comes in. When I look at it I am sad. This is why I want help and what if it floods in there?”

The youngster’s neighbor, Araceli Ramos, read Betzabe’s letter and was instantly heartbroken.

Betzabe and her family’s home was damaged by Hurricane Harvey. After her father endured five strokes and dialysis, her mother had to quit her job in order to take care of him. With five kids in the family, they have very little money to fix something like a leaky roof.

“It broke my heart,” Ramos said. “I thought, ‘Dear God, help me to help them.’”

She began reaching out to friends, nonprofits, and businesses; and it seemed that everyone wanted to help. Even government officials got involved.

Upon hearing about the little girl’s situation, state representative Armando Walle, who was the oldest of five children raised by a single mother, got a ladder and fixed Betzabe’s roof as best he could. He also donated two space heaters to the family.

“That little [girl] tells you a little about humanity, and how we should live,” Armando said. “She wanted her roof fixed and her dad to get better.”

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