Nepal Earthquake Man Rescued Video Screen Grab Reuters

Cheering onlookers hailed it a miracle as rescuers pulled a 101-year-old man from beneath the ruins of his house where he was buried for a week following the Nepal earthquake.

Funchu Tamang had only minor injuries and survived for seven days on flour and water as he waited for people to dig him out.Bernese mountain dog in ocean-KTLAvideo

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Rescue crews airlifted the man to a hospital where he’s recovering from injuries to his left ankle and hand. Doctors say Tamang is in stable condition and his family is with him.

And there’s another glimmer of hope in the country — five babies born to survivors in a makeshift, tent-hospital in Katmandu — giving Nepalese reason to celebrate survivors born a century apart.

April’s 7.9 quake is the second major earthquake Tamang has survived. He was in his 20s when an magnitude 8.0 quake woke him from his sleep in the very same village on January 15, 1934.

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