Nevada has just become the first US state to ban employers from requiring pre-employment marijuana testing.

Nevada is just one of 11 states – plus Washington D.C. – that have already legalized the use of recreational marijuana, but they are now the first to pass legislation that prevents discrimination against job applicants who test positive for cannabis usage.

“It is unlawful for any employer in this state to fail or refuse to hire a prospective employee because the prospective employee submitted to a screening test and the results of the screening test indicate the presence of marijuana,” states the newly-signed Assembly Bill 132.

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That being said, the bill does not protect workers who are applying for jobs in public safety or motor vehicle transportation, such as firefighters, emergency medical technicians, commercial truck drivers, or any other position that “in the determination of the employer, could adversely affect the safety of others.”

Since Governor Steve Sisolak signed the measure last week, it is set to go into full effect on January 1st, 2020.

“As our legal cannabis industry continues to flourish, it’s important to ensure that the door of economic opportunity remains open for all Nevadans” said Sisolak in a statement. “That’s why I was proud to sign AB 132 into law, which contains common-sense exceptions for public safety and transportation professionals.”

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