Flo is a devoted cow who’s nurtured several calves in her lifetime. But for this newborn, she gave birth too close to the fence dividing her pasture from the nearby highway.

The slope of the ground and the small space under the wires combined to form a unique spot that allowed a slippery newborn calf to slide under the wires.

The problem for Flo and her baby was that the fence was electrified to keep the cows from wandering onto the road, and to keep out predators like coyotes that would devour a baby calf.

Flo couldn’t reach the newborn, which was lying down silently in the grass.

A motorist who lived nearby came along soon after the calf was born. He often watched the cows as he drove past, but he was particularly interested in the herd at this time of year because calves were being born.

Dave stopped in the sunshine to watch the cows in the pond, but noticed that Flo looked distraught. Dave put his GoPro camera on the fence and started recording while he walked toward Flo. He knew very little about cows but he knew she was agitated.

He found the newborn and immediately knew he needed to take action, with the cars buzzing by presenting a real danger. The farmer’s house is at the top of the hill across the meadow and his truck was gone, so Dave tried to push the calf back under the fence.

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Not knowing that some of the wires were live and some were not, he got himself a few shocks in the process.

Flo was encouraging Dave with a few “moos” as he worked—and soon she and her baby were reunited for the all-important first milk feeding, which contains colostrum for a healthy immune system.

Because the calf had received a few shocks himself, he was known as “Sparky” from that day forward.

Later that day, as Dave walked over to see how Sparky was doing, the baby peeled off from the herd to come give the man a sniff and a soulful look.

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It almost seemed like the newborn wanted to show its mom the stranger who delivered their emergency aid. Watch the scene unfold below…

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