Graduating from high school is already a significant event for most young students – but this student’s inspiring commencement speech was particularly noteworthy.

Ahmed Ali is a non-verbal student who has been attending the Minneapolis Public School system’s Transitions Plus Program for the last three years.

The program offers additional services and resources for special needs students who may require extra help transitioning from high school to adult life.

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Once Ali was ready to graduate, the school asked him to deliver his high school class’s commencement address using speech software that he developed alongside a speech pathologist during his time in the program.

According to KARE11, Ali’s software-delivered speech was a historic first for the school district – and the results were awe-inspiring.

“Your life is a relay race,” said the 21-year-old student. “The track is your life. Every time you achieve something you pass the baton to the next person. Guess who you are passing the baton to? It’s you.

“Each stage of your life you are passing it to a new you. It’s not the end of the line for you, but it’s a new you in our beautiful world.”

(WATCH the video below)

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