The Lesson: Many people long to look younger than the number on their birth certificate – and according to this nutritionist, it’s easier than they might think. In this talk, Marias Peer describes the mindset that we need to slow the down aging process so we can live longer, younger, and healthier lives than ever before. She also explains the benefits of “neurobics”: mental exercises that are designed to stimulate the brain and improve your memory by using real-life stories and scientific evidence.

Notable Excerpt: “This is what you can do if you want to be younger. Changing your thoughts, beliefs and language can make you younger, make you live longer, make you physically look and feel better, make you retain a great memory and sharp mind in your 90s, keep you fit, active and healthy throughout your long life. Your biological age is completely different and you can change it – the thing that changes it is your psychological age, the age you feel … Aging is an expectation that you live up to.”

The Speaker: Marisa Peer is a best-selling author, nutritionist, relationship therapist, hypnotherapist, and motivational speaker. Her list of clients over the past 25 years includes royalty, international superstars, Olympic athletes, political leaders, and the CEOs of multibillion dollar companies. She frequently appears on TV, radio, and in the press; she was named “Britain’s Best Therapist” by Tatler magazine; she has been described as a “great British pioneer” by Men’s Health magazine; and she is the only woman to ever be featured in an article on “The Best Of British”.

Books: Peer is the best-selling author of four books which have been translated into Swedish, German, Icelandic, and Korean. In addition to her “Ultimate Confidence” title being used as a core curriculum component in the Korean education system, her book, “You Can be Thin” has received over 260 five-star reviews on Amazon and has remained a bestseller for the last five years.

(LISTEN to the talk below) – Representative photo by Melodi2, CC

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  2. Love this, its so true. I tend to run on the belief that you’re only as old as the man/woman you feel lol. at 38, that makes me 22. I party with much younger people cos frankly most of the people my age cannot keep up. Grab life by the balls and own it, make it about love and laughs and fun and peace and then it really doesnt matter how old you are.

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