Buddha_Maitreya-spiritual-teacherBuddha Maitreya offers a simple OM meditation from his Shambhala Planetary Healing Center & Monastery in California to help all of humanity align.

You can attend live online from anywhere in the world – all you need is a computer, laptop or ipad and good internet connection that allows you to receive streaming video and audio.

He radiates the Monadic influence to help each and every one of us heal and awaken the natural qualities of our Buddha nature or Soul.

The next OM Pyramid Meditation & Dharma Teaching with Buddha Maitreya the Christ will take place on Sunday July 27th at 1.30pm PDT. The meditation normally lasts about 2 hours although it is a live event and timings may vary.

More info at:


(Also check out www.buddhamaitreya.org for the radio interview by Mitchell Rabin from A Better World TV)

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