As a motivational speaker and author, he has spent his life helping people look on the bright side of life–and for years his Halloween pranks have helped them look at the funny side of having only one leg.

Josh Sunquist, who lost a leg at age nine, has dreamed up some seriously humorous costumes. Last year, using a sign and a wooden frame, Josh hopped around on Halloween as an IHOP restaurant (Oh, the irony).

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In years past, he’s been the one-legged lamp from A Christmas Story, a foosball player, a flamingo, and a gingerbread man with his leg eaten, from Shrek. This year, he dressed up in gold to become Lumiere, the candle-holder from “Beauty and the Beast.”


“In high school I wore a prosthesis all the time and didn’t want anyone to find out I was missing a leg,” Josh says on his website. “But now I’m more comfortable with who I am and what I look like, and I guess with these Halloween costumes you could even say that I celebrate what makes me different.”

Several people on the internet have accused him, assuming he is taking money from IHOP for doing the costume, yet Josh says the pancake restaurant is in no way connected and that he doesn’t even eat there due to their lack of gluten-free food.

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Since losing his leg to a rare form of bone cancer, Josh has published two books, attracted ten million views on Youtube, and been a member of the US Paralympic Ski Team and the US Amputee Soccer Team.

(WATCH his video below demonstrating his Halloween ‘hoppiness’)

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