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Oakley the owl is one lucky little bird.

Rehabilitating baby owls can be a tricky job—if you’re not careful, they can imprint on you as a surrogate parent, making it nearly impossible to release them back into the wild.

Baby Oakley’s rescuer, known as the Raptor Rehabber, has gone to great lengths to make the owlet comfortable, while still avoiding becoming a recipient of the creature’s imprint.

In order to feed the bird, he calls like a Great Horned Owl to signal mealtime, and, to actually feed Oakley, he camouflages himself under a sheet with holes in it.

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He provides puppets and stuffed animals to give the baby comfort, including this animated plush toy that plays a recording of “Monster Mash.”

Watch as he celebrates Halloween by keeping time with his buddy—the video’s a real hoot!

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(Enjoy the video from Raptor Rehabber below)

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