Ovsanna life goes from lack to overflowingFriends answered the call on a sister’s Facebook page to re-fill the heart of a woman with severe Multiple Sclerosis. They supplied things that most people would take for granted. What started as a dismal situation turned into a heart-warming campaign that spread across the social network like a friendly virus.

After hearing the story of how Alexandra Kube was single-handedly trying to help her sister, a friend urged her to post a simple request on Facebook. They created a wish list and event page asking for donations of items Alex could deliver to her sister Ovsanna in California.

Within 48 hours, the goodwill of friends manifested and items poured in. Some volunteered to collect items for the drop-off points that were set up in local areas. Canned food, cleaning and household goods, toiletries, cat supplies, clothing, CDs and DVDs were collected. Finally, Elizabeth and Alexandra delivered a van full of joy to Ovsanna, restoring her faith in humankind following a string of bad luck.

Ovsanna has been dependent on government assistance to survive. Unable to even turn herself over in bed, she required care provided by live-in caregivers 24 hours a day. Barely able to hold a cell phone, she found herself being unfairly taken advantage of by one “caregiver” who left her with empty cupboards and no supplies after dropping her off at an Emergency Room.

The economy being what it is and so many people doing without, Alexandra didn’t want to ask for much from her friends. But using a “Stone Soup” theory, she thought if each individual contributed just a little, collectively, it would be a lot.

People responded from as far away as Washington, DC, sending what they could. Some people donated money and others ordered items online to be delivered to the recovering Ovsanna. The money went to purchasing a digital tablet to enable her to access the Internet.

“Her cupboards were filled,” said Alexandra, “along with her heart.”

friends with delivery for disabled sisterToday she knows that there are people in the world who will help, even if they have never met her.  She has moved from feeling angry and hopeless to feeling grateful and valued. She is able to live at home with caregivers found on craigslist and back to getting physical therapy on a regular basis.

“I am overflowing with gratitude that my friends would reach out the way they did. It’s hard to ask for help sometimes, especially when everyone seems to be stressed with their own challenges,” Alexandra told the Good News Network. “The response was like a flood of humanity pouring in.”

So, when you think that you can’t make a difference, think again and remember the story of Stone Soup, brewed to a hearty stew when each household contributes what they can.

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