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Nine Years After Mother’s Death, Man Has Amazing Encounter With Yellow Butterfly Right When He Needed It

This college student was going through a troubling time in school when he was suddenly visited by a special little insect on Mother's Day.

Woman Finally Gets to Repay Firefighter After She Sees Him Wearing T-Shirt With Plea for Help

Three years after he came to her daughter's rescue, a Minnesota mom finally got to repay the compassionate firefighter who helped them.

Muslim Cab Driver Broke Strict Police Curfew to Drive Hindu Woman in Childbirth to the Hospital

An Indian cab driver is being praised for his compassionate example of “Hindu-Muslim unity” during a strict police curfew earlier this week.

Man Abandons His Own Birthday Party to Rescue Panicked Dog Swimming Through Chilly NYC River

When Gabe Castellanos realized that there was a dog in trouble, he quickly grabbed a life jacket and abandoned his own party in order to rescue it.

Woman Picks Up Restaurant Tab for 11 High School Prom-Goers: ‘You are beautiful inside and out’

A group of high school students had a prom night that they will never forget thanks to a random act of kindness from a stranger.

After Hearing Sweet Story About Why eBay Bidder Wanted a Necktie, Man Gave It to Him for Free

This retired CIA-agent may have been trying to sell his old necktie for $6.99, but the accessory ended up inspiring a priceless story of kindness.

High School Performance of ‘Alien’ So Impressive, Sigourney Weaver Surprises Students at Second Show

Despite having starred in the original movie, Sigourney Weaver was visibly floored by the New Jersey high school performance.

When Thieves Steal Landscaper’s Truck and Equipment, Police Officers Pool Their Money to Help

These officers could not bear to see such a hardworking man be robbed of his livelihood; so they opened up their hearts – and their wallets – to help.

13-Year-old Boy Traded His Xbox and Did Yard Work So He Could Buy His Mom a Car

This teenager from Nevada has just set a new standard for what it means to go above and beyond the call of duty for your family.

Canadian Man Who Filled in Pesky Potholes Has Been Tipped in Coffee, Cannabis, and Cash

Despite being discouraged by local authorities, this man has been applauded for filling in some particularly nasty potholes in his hometown.

Mom Snaps Viral Picture of a Cable Technician Comforting Her Disabled Son While He Fixes the Internet

This heartwarming photo of a cable technician soothing a distressed toddler has been shared thousands of times across the internet.

Homeless Man Gets Housing and Work Thanks to Teen Girl Who Saw His Plea for a Job at a Bus Stop

A 37-year-old homeless man has been given a new lease on life thanks to a teenage girl who was moved to action by his “Work Wanted” sign at the bus stop.

Anonymous ‘Robin Hood’ Has Been Leaving Envelopes of Cash in Village Mailboxes Since Last Week

An unidentified do-gooder has been leaving wads of cash in the mailboxes of Spanish villagers – and no one can reportedly figure out why.

Humble College Professor is Putting All of His Nobel Prize Money Towards His Students’ Education

Rather than keeping the Nobel prize money for himself, this humble biology professor is using it all to help his students pursue an education in the arts.

Anonymous Police Officer Leaves Pregnant Waitress ‘Hysterical’ With Joy When He Leaves $100 Tip

A compassionate police officer is being praised for anonymously leaving a hefty tip for a waitress who is almost eight months pregnant.

When AC/DC Caught Wind of Ice Skater’s Charity Tribute, Guitarist Angus Young Donated Thousands

Though this hockey ref has always paid tribute to his favorite band during his iceskating marathons, his most recent event had an unexpected visitor.

Scientist Surprised to Find How Important it is to Have Visual Diet Rich in Kindness Over Cuteness

This new piece of research shows that people experience twice as much positive emotion with images of kindness compared to pretty pictures.

Hero Pit Bull Forced Her Way Out of Her Home to Fetch Police and Stop Potentially Disastrous Gas Leak

11-year-old Sadie has never run away from home before – but last week, she forced her way out of a sliding door in order to stop a disaster in the making.

Father Thanks Stranger for Entertaining His Daughter in the Airport: ‘This is the world I want for her’

These sweet new BBFs are a perfect example of how friendship can go beyond race, age, and politics.

Devoted Pharmacist Hops on Snowmobile to Deliver Medications to Snowed-in Patients

This devoted pharmacist was not about to let her customers go without their essential daily medications – so she hopped on her snowmobile.