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Homeless Man Reunited w/ Inheritance Thanks to Good Samaritan and Police

A volunteer on beach patrol who was looking for sea turtles, instead found a bag of money — and launched a week-long search to...

First Team to Ever Rescue a Whale Now Frees Species Worldwide 30 Years Later

On Thanksgiving Day 30 years ago, a whale in distress was freed from a heavy, dragging mass of fishing gear in the icy waters...
barge begins oyster reconstruction-ArmyCorps

Major Oyster Reef Rebuilding to Revitalize Texas Coast

Half Moon Reef was once a massive underwater oyster colony in the most productive fishery in Texas, rich with shellfish, blue crabs and shrimp....

Wildlife Rescuers Save Frostbitten Pelicans

A  flock of brown pelicans hung around the Chesapeake Bay well past the time they were supposed to fly south for the winter....
dolphin photo by Sun Star

6000 Rare River Dolphins Found Off Bangladesh

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has discovered a huge population of rare dolphins in South Asia. Nearly 6,000 Irrawaddy dolphins, which are related to...

Wal-Mart to Cut Global Plastic Shopping Bag Waste

Wal-Mart Stores committed to reduce its global plastic shopping bag waste by an average of 33 percent per store by 2013. This is expected...

Volvo Unveils Sixth Annual Hometown Hero Award Winners

Volvo yesterday announced the top three winning heroes in the 6th Annual Volvo for life Awards: After a tragic farm accident involving her son,...
whooping cranes

100 Success Stories for Endangered Species

In honor of the second annual Endangered Species Day, May 18, a Web site celebrates the success stories and details conservation efforts that led...

Clean Up the World Weekend Mobilizes Millions

Some 35 million volunteers from 122 countries are expected take part this weekend in rubbish-clearing efforts along coastlines and waterways across the globe as...
manta ray

Rays of Hope in the Philippines

Nine manta rays were recently spotted for the first time in 20 years gliding through Basura, the internationally renowned dive site in the Philippines. “We...

Blue Butterfly Back From the Brink

The Smithsonian published a feature article in 2005 called Back From the Brink that asserted: "Not every endangered species is doomed. Thanks to tough laws,...

Song of One of the Rarest Whales On the Planet Recorded for First Time (LISTEN)

For the first time in history, researchers have captured an audio recording of the extremely endangered north pacific right whale.

Not Seen for 100 Years, This Galápagos Tortoise Was Considered to Be Extinct – Until Now

These massive reptiles have not been seen on the Galápagos Islands since 1906 – but thanks to a recent expedition, there may still be hope for the species.

Belugas to Become Residents of the World’s First Retirement Home for Ocean Animals in Show Business

These two beluga whales have spent years performing for humans – but soon, they will be the residents of the world's first open sea sanctuary.

Instead of Tossing it Back, 5,000 Indian Fishermen Now Collect Ocean Plastic to Build Roads and Prosperity

While the world becomes more and more aware of plastic pollution, a group of 5,000 fishermen who rely on the “Mother Sea” to survive...

For 30 Years, This Cute Critter Was Thought to be Extinct –Until Now

When researchers first stumbled upon the kangaroo rat, they had to search through old field notes in order to figure out exactly what it was.

Teen Plants Hundreds of Mangroves to Replace Trees Trampled by Hurricane Irma

This 18-year-old was heartbroken by the amount of mangroves that were damaged in Hurricane Irma – so he decided to do something about it.

Zoos Are Tweeting Yelp-Like Reviews of Animal Species and They Are Hilarious

Wildlife experts are taking to social media to leave reviews for their favorite animal species – and their creativity will have you laughing like a hyena.

Senate Agrees to Give Everglades 78-Billion Gallon Drink of Cleaner Water

The Florida Senate has just passed a bill that would cleanse and refresh the Everglades with over 78 billion gallons of clean water. The congregation...

U.S. Airlines Excel: Denied Boardings, Mishandled Bags at Lowest Rate in 26 Years

An annual report released today shows that airlines are substantially improving the service provided to passengers in the US. In fact, your chances of...