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The audience was stunned when this pageant contestant suffered a seizure and collapsed on stage, but perhaps was even more surprised when she returned to finish the competition.

Sixteen-year-old Hannah Enge has suffered seizures since a volleyball injury four years ago. The episodes come on at times of high emotion — joy, sadness, or stress. But she’s never let them interfere with her life and decided this year to enter the International Miss Teen Minnesota Pageant.

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She’d begun the question and answer segment when she stopped mid-sentence and fell to the floor.

As people rushed to her aid and the curtains closed on the stage, Enge refused suggestions that she go to the hospital.

Moments later, as the curtains parted and Enge walked out to finish her competition, the audience rose to give her a standing ovation and cheered her return.

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“This is what I deal with every day of my life,” she told Inside Edition. “If I don’t decide to get back up, I’m just going to stay down — and I don’t want to stay down.”

Hannah went on to be named Second Runner-Up in the competition.

(WATCH the video below from Inside Edition) — Photos: Kool TV Pageants Unlimited via Inside Edition

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