treesforlifeThe Olive Co-operative has launched an initiative that offers the public an opportunity to sponsor the planting of olive trees in Palestine.

The new trees will offset the destruction wrought in Palestinian olive groves by years of conflict in the area. According to the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem over 500,000 olive trees have been destroyed since 2000. Each new tree sponsored represents a long-term source of income for Palestinian families, who have been harvesting olive oil, fruit and wood for generations…


Trees For Life – Planting Peace in Palestine, is a partnership between the Olive Co-operative, Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA) and Zaytoun, a British non-profit that buys and market pesticide-free fair trade olive oil to support marginalized farming communities in Palestine.

The trees will be distributed by the PFTA to farmers who follow fair trade guidelines and who will benefit from future purchases of Palestinian olive oil.

£20 will sponsor five trees. You can use a Credit or Debit card online in the Olive Co-op shop. The shop also sells a range of products — like olive oil and olive oil soap — fairly traded from Palestinian and Israeli organizations working for a just peace and sustainable future in the area. Sponsorship is also available by calling their office in England +44 (0)161 273 1970.

Thanks to Lisa Doue, in California, a GNN volunteer and wonderful artist, for submitting story idea and link.

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