These workers may be cute, but they’re also only a fraction of the cost of employing traditional toxic sprays and machinery.

Roswell’s Old Mill Park in Roswell, Georgia hired 33 goats to clear their park trails of kudzu – a pesky invasive vine native to the U.S.

“Using goats for clearing invasive plants has become a popular green practice in the past several years, as removing this type of vegetation ordinarily requires heavy machinery or toxic chemicals to manage,” said the park on Facebook. “Using goats for clearing is less expensive, less damaging to the landscape, and a lot of fun to watch!”

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Typical extermination methods reportedly cost $10,000, but renting goats from the local company Get Your Goat only costs about $1,300.

Since a goat can eat 10 to 12 pounds of foliage a day, these diligent employees will be hard at work for the next 10 days munching away at the greenery.

There are also two Great Pyrenees dogs keeping watch over the herd.

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