Passengers on a Southwest Airlines jet said goodbye to a dying flight attendant in the most beautiful way–even though she wasn’t on the plane with them.

LouAnn Alexander’s brother Rex orchestrated the farewell after learning how sad his sister was that she never got to say a proper goodbye or recognize the final flight that ended her 34-year career with the airline.

On board flight 4463, Rex asked if he could make an announcement.

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“My sister, LouAnn, she was a flight attendant for Southwest,” he began–trying not to cry. “She’s very, very ill. She never got a chance to say goodbye to the flying she loved.”

He told the passengers he was sending his phone down the aisle to share pictures of how she looked when she smiled and was passing out napkins, in case they wanted to write a message for LouAnn, share a joke or even just a comment about the flight.

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As he sat down, Rex figured he’d get about a dozen messages back—but the passengers on Flight 4463 did much more than that.

(WATCH the video above from USA Today – and SEE Rex’s photo album on Facebook)

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