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If you’re cutting carbs to lose weight, you may want to weigh new research on pasta. Scientists have found that pasta in moderation may actually help you lose extra pounds.

You will have to cut back on the creamy sauces, though.

Pairing pasta with vegetables, nuts, olive oil and other staples of a healthy Mediterranean diet kept waistlines slim for participants in a large Italian study.

Researchers at IRCCS Neuromed in Pozzilli studied more than 23,000 people living across Italy and found those who ate moderate amounts of pasta had a lower body mass index (BMI).

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“We have seen that consumption of pasta, contrary to what many think, is not associated with an increase in body weight, rather the opposite,” study author George Pounis said. “Our data show that enjoying pasta according to individuals’ needs contributes to a healthy body mass index, lower waist circumference and better waist-hip ratio.”

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The researchers found that people who eat pasta tend to adhere more closely to a Mediterranean diet — which is frequently credited with other health benefits. Previous studies have shown the diet can lower the risk of breast cancer and could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by half.

The Italian research stresses moderation — they did find people who ate larger portions of pasta did gain weight. A proper serving should be limited to a half cup, about the size of your fist.

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Though their research was partially funded by pasta company Barilla, the study’s authors showed no conflict of interest in their findings, which were published in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes.

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