Dempsey Kreuger transplant couple screenshot WLS

It was a match made in surgery.

A complete stranger, proved to be the perfect match for an Illinois woman — he donated part of his liver for a transplant, and they stole each other’s hearts.

Heather Krueger had stage 4 liver disease and her doctors told her she only had a couple months to live unless she could find a living donor.

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Chris Dempsey overheard Heather’s cousin talking about the situation at his office, and offered to be tested to see if his liver was suitable for a transplant.

It turns out he was a perfect match – in more ways than one.

Doctors transplanted 55% of Chris’s liver in March, and the two spent a week recovering in the same ICU.

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But, later, they wanted to spend more time together and last month, Chris asked Heather to spend the rest of her life – which can now be a long, healthy one– as his wife.

(WATCH the video from WLS News below)

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