Vandenberg Air Base - NASAMany of the nation’s 440 military bases were established in what were once sparsely populated hinterlands.

Now, with urban sprawl pushing up against perimeter fences, the Defense Department has quietly joined with conservation organizations to become a major protector of wilderness and ranch lands.

The environmental protection initiative has created more than 260,000 acres of new sanctuaries — off limits to development in perpetuity — for some of the rarest plants and animals on earth.

(READ the story from the LA Times)

Photo: Vandenberg Air Force Base north of Santa Barbara


  1. Not much of a remediation since they have killed off
    more wildlife than about anything else.
    And the US Navy continues to murder, mame
    massive amounts of sea life and increasing rates with
    their high powered sonar/acoustic war machines.
    all this besides their virtually unabated dumping of
    chemicals, fuel, and sewage into the seas.
    Too bad their war machines are not reconfigured to clean up the ‘garbage’ they have dumped into the seas over many decades.
    A contsructive use of military efforts needs to be done..asap!

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