Pets and oxygen masks CC joy1722 released Newark OH FD

Oxygen masks designed just for pets are saving animals’ lives in Ohio —and a new law could save even more.

Passed in May, the law takes effect August 31, making it clear that first responders can administer first aid to pets rescued from fires.

The previous law suggested pets had to be taken to a licensed veterinarian but it wasn’t clear on what what treatment was allowed if an animal wasn’t breathing.

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Firefighters around the state now stock oxygen masks made specifically for different size dogs, cats, and other animals. The masks have a record of saving pets’ lives.

The masks cost about $90 each and first responders need several different sizes for different animals. Private donations to buy the devices have spurred some departments to realize their effectiveness and include new purchases in their budgets.

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The Newark, Ohio Fire Department reports using the masks eight times in the last two years to save pets’ lives. Other departments also report they often put animals’ lives ahead of early confusion over the previous law.

“Society expects us to be able to handle every single situation,” Lancaster Fire Chief Dave Ward told the Columbus Dispatch. “When we’re able to see that the positives outweigh the negatives in terms of treating animals with simple oxygen, it was a no-brainer for us.”

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