A taxi driver in Philadelphia was “shocked and overjoyed” when he received a $989.98 tip on a $4.31 fare 12 days before Christmas.

Taxi driver Oumar Maiga, who always has a smile on his face, was working the late shift for Freedom Taxi service when the generous passenger flagged down his cab for a quick two-minute ride. He asked how Maiga was doing and if he was having a rough night. Mr. Maiga responded that things were OK but the night was a little hectic. After that, the man told him that he would “take care of him” when they arrived at the destination.

When Maiga saw the tip he asked repeatedly if he realized how much he had tipped. The mystery rider told Mr. Maiga that he appreciated how professional he and his cab were.

AFP reported that the driver looked at the tip and said, “Sir, I think you made a mistake.” But he replied, “That’s what I want to give you, I know what I did.”

Freedom Taxi owner Everett Abitbol said the tip “couldn’t have happened to a nicer man,” adding that Maiga had been with the company since it opened in 2011.

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