Domino’s Pizza is working to smooth American roads for their delivery drivers so that their pies don’t get roughed up on the ride to customer homes.

The company has been filling in cracks and potholes across the US for their “Paving For Pizza” initiative. Based on a series of nominations that were submitted to their website, they have already started paving roads in Burbank, California; Bartonville, Texas; Milford, Delaware; and Athens, Georgia.

Even though reenforcing crumbling infrastructure does not seem like the kind of work a pizza restaurant should be doing, their reasoning seems pretty sound.

“Potholes, cracks, and bumps in the road can cause irreversible damage to your pizza during the drive home from Domino’s,” says the website. “We can’t stand by and let your cheese slide to one side, your toppings get un-topped, or your boxes get flipped. So we’re helping to pave in towns across the country to save your good pizza from these bad roads.”

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According to city officials, the assistance has already been gratefully received, too.

“This unique innovative partnership allowed the town of Bartonville to accomplish more pothole repairs,” said city Mayor Bill Scherer.

Following a winter that was harsh on their roads, the Milford city manager added: “We appreciated the extra paving for pizza funds to stretch our street repair budget as we addressed more potholes than usual.”

If you would like the Paving For Pizza initiative to come to your own town, you can nominate it on the Domino’s website. If you town is selected, you will be notified and the city will receive funds to help repair the roads.

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