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Nearly three-quarters of gamers are certain that video games have improved their lives.

A recent survey of 2,000 American gamers revealed how video games are more than just hobbies—72% of respondents attested to the positive impact of the pastime on various aspects of daily life.

Sixty-eight percent credit games for enhancing relaxation, and 67% say they improve problem-solving skills. More than six in ten believe they also sharpen critical thinking and enhance better hand-eye coordination.

38% of respondents said gaming helps them with the ‘soft skill’ of cooperating with others.

More than two-thirds (68%) could feel their moods change when playing video games—with 51% feeling more relaxed, 27% feeling happier and 19% feeling sharper.

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The random double-opt-in survey commissioned by the mobile game Solitaire Grand Harvest (by Playtika) was conducted by OnePoll.

“Research reinforces video games are far more than entertainment; they’re a powerful force for personal growth and positive change,” said Amir Coifman, general manager of Solitaire Grand Harvest.

“Our goal is to meticulously craft immersive experiences to offer relaxation, challenge problem-solving skills and foster community, allowing players to become better versions of themselves.”


– Relaxing – 68%
– Problem-solving – 67%
– Critical thinking skills – 62%
– Hand-eye coordination – 61%
– Cooperating with others – 38%
– Playing sports – 19%
– Driving – 17%
– Cooking – 16%
– Physics – 14%
– Surviving the apocalypse – 14%

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