All Patricia Kelly wanted before she died was to walk on her favorite beach one last time—but her failing condition meant she couldn’t make it without assistance.

That’s when a police department near Long Beach Island, New Jersey stepped in, after the family asked for help.

When the 78-year-old was first diagnosed with AML leukemia, and told she had only months to live, her family started planning a final weekend trip to the beach. Before the big day arrived, however, she became too weak to walk any distance.

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The police decided they could drive her through the thick sand that leads to the seashore, and Officer Holloway used a 4-wheel drive cruiser to undertake that mission of compassion earlier this week. She was able to get out and stand on the shoreline, while her family took memorable photos.

The family says they will never forget Officer Holloway’s good deed – and never forget those moments on the beach, made possible by the ‘boys in blue’.

(WATCH the video below)

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