Two opposing political candidates recently ended one of their debates on an unexpected note: they pulled out their musical instruments for a duet.

Zac Mayo has been campaigning throughout Lamoille County, Vermont as a Republican candidate for a state House seat. Lucy Rogers has been running against him as the Democratic candidate.

Both of the politicians have been attempting to visit each and every one of the 2,000 houses in their county in a bid to win the election – but despite their passionate political race, they also wanted to surprise their voters with a stunning display of civility.

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Following a debate at the local library, Mayo and Rogers asked the moderator if they could have a few extra minutes to do something special for the attendees.

Mayo then pulled out a guitar and Rogers pulled out her cello – and together, they sang an emotional rendition of “Society” by Eddie Vedder.

Voters were so touched by the performance, many said that it had become a “turning point” for them in the election.

(WATCH the tear-jerking video below or our international viewers can watch the footage at the CBS News website) – Photo by Lucy Rogers

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  1. That is how our political campaigns should be practiced. Civility. No mud slinging or name calling. Just speaking to positions and values and a coming together of collaboration in the end so that no matter who wins, no one loses. Vermont is very lucky to have these two.

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