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Pet lovers are always posting their photos and heartwarming rescue stories—now, you can raise money for the shelter of your choice by doing it. is a new website (hosted at .dog, rather than .com) and was created in hopes of raising up to $100,000 to dog shelters and rescues nationwide.

To raise funds, rescue owners are invited to upload a picture of their favorite furry friend with a brief adoption story. Each post which will generate a $10 to donation to Petfinder Foundation. photobooth-dogs-UtahHumaneSociety

Photo Booth Pictures Help Shelter Dogs Find New Homes

Voting is open until September 26, and each vote will generate a $1 donation to Petfinder Foundation.

In the end, the top dog will receive $25,000 to donate to its shelter or rescue of choice, while the next 15 runners-up will get $5,000 to donate.

Here are some of our favorite stories—be sure to vote!

Charlie mydog submittedCharlie

“Charlie was brought in as a stray to McKamey Animal Center.

It was fate that we met. I was volunteering at the shelter and fell in love with him the second I saw him.

He has completed our family and we love him dearly.”


“Comet was used as a breeding dog for much of his life. Because one of the other males didn’t like him, he was forced to live in one room all alone.Comet MyDog submitted He was a very shy, timid, unsocialized dog.

I met him about a month after the rescue took him in at an adoption event where I was to pick out a new foster to take home. Instantly I fell in love with Comet and he has really come out of his shell since being rescued.

He loves everyone he meets, whether they have four legs or two, and isn’t afraid of anything anymore. He enjoys going everywhere with me and loves wrestling with all his foster brothers.”Zoe mydog submitted


“Zoe was found as a stray in Brooklyn and brought to Brooklyn Animal Care and Control.

Who knows her back story but whatever it was, she was a very timid pup…who couldn’t trust anyone.

Thanks to Pibbles & More Animal Rescue they stepped up to rescue Zoe before euthanize and give her a second chance.

It took time and devotion and she’s finally able to let her guard down, and be the dog she always had in her.”

Bailey MyDog submittedBailey

“Bailey was found in the rain, at night in a parking lot in Miami, Florida by a good Samaritan who took her in, checked for a chip, fostered her and posted her on

We were looking for a dog just like her, so we adopted her and have spent the last 8 years promoting rescue and pit bull breeds!”

Cubby Cubby MyDog Submitted

“Cubby lived at a breeders for 8 years until they were done with him. He had never touched grass, his legs were deformed from living in a cage and he was blind in one eye.

This photo is the day I was taking him home and he was scared but sat quietly looking at me.

Now he is like a puppy and loves going outside, playing with his toys and loves his new brother. He has been a real blessing.”

To see all of the dogs and post your own rescue dog love story and photo, visit MyRescue.Dog.

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  1. We have only ever had rescue dogs. All of the dogs we have now have really great stories, two are Pitt Bulls, and one is a Lhasa Ahpso. But tge dog whose story I want to tell, is one I put to sleep on Tuesday. Lincoln was a Chow/Shepherd mix. I took him from the city animal control facility on the day he was scheduled to be euthanized. He has been classified as unadoptable because he had been adopted out and returned, three times. I persuaded the staff to let me take him home. He met my other dogs at the front door and was nearly wagging his butt off! I showed him the doggy door and he ran outside and didnt come in for two days!! He wasthe most gentle dog with children and puppies or kittens. He always listened when told to do something, he protected my family from intruders, rattlesnakes, and coyotes. He could jump on top of the six foot block wall and walk around the top but never left the yard. I loved this dog more than I thought I could love any animal. By breed, he should have been a very aggressive dog, but I didn’t judge his breed, I judged his behavior. On Tuesday, September 7th, 2015, this beautiful old man licked my tears away as he took his last breath in my lap. My heart is broken from his loss, but I wouldn’t trade the 8 wonderful years we had for anything!
    Without taking in this “rescue” my life would’ve been sorely lacking. Please, rescue a dog or cat, these animals will give so much more than you can possibly imagine! !!

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