Dogs that were once hard to adopt have become hard to resist thanks to photographer Guinevere Shuster, who found that goofy grins, rubbery faces and outrageous poses normally reserved for humans turned out to be a perfect way to capture a dog’s personality.

Shuster, who serves as Director of Social Media for the Humane Society of Utah, says she  simply tosses a treat, lets the dogs ham it up, snaps a few shots, and–presto! The dogs look like they’re having a day off-leash on the boardwalk.

Since Shuster began posting photos on the Society’s Facebook page and Instagram account, adoptions of the pups in the pictures have spiked.

“We’ve had some where we’ve posted the pictures at 8 p.m. the night before and the next morning there are four or five families interested,” Shuster told TODAY.


(READ more at Mashable or SEE more photos at the Humane Society of Utah’s Facebook and Instagram pages)

Photos by Guinevere Shuster/Humane Society of Utah

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