This adorable soccer match between three professional soccer players and a team of delighted Chinese children is the perfect example of how quantity can triumph over quality.

Tottenham Hotspur star players Harry Kane, Dele Alli, and Erik Lamela participated in an exhibition game against 100 kids aged 6 to 10 in order to celebrate their pre-season games in China.

Despite how the pro players reassured spectators that they would not go easy on their pint-sized competitors, the 10-minute game in Shanghai ended in a one-to-one draw.

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When asked about the difficulty of the game, Alli amusedly gave credit to the “ruthless” kids by saying that they definitely had “bodies behind the ball”— but the opposing teams did not let their action-packed match get in the way of their newly-ignited friendships.

“Another tough challenge,” Alli told reporters with a smile. “Not quite like playing in the Premier League … but it’s exciting and it’s nice to have a bit of fun with them.”

As a reward for the children’s tenacity and support, Alli, Kane, and Lamela made sure to sign shirts and high-five all the youngsters after the harrowing game.

(WATCH the endearing game footage below)

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