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Holistic Patches Relieve Anxiety – Without Drugs


A California health practitioner invented a natural, drug-free patch that can treat nausea in people and pets—and relieve cramps, vertigo, and hangovers: Meet GoPatch.

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GoPatch developed “the world’s first homeopathic patch” that can provide relief from the debilitating symptoms of anxiety.

Simply place this discreet, round patch over your navel to stimulate your body’s natural healing response. (Get more details, and read personal testimonials, in the GNN article here.)

The drug-free products, which have no known side effects, are safe for kids over 4-years-old. The patches are safe while taking other medications and guaranteed to work — or your money back.

Other GoPatch formulations can provide relief from vertigo, hangovers, and nausea—both for people undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from seasickness and motion sickness—and for carsick pets, as well.

Use this link (or coupon code Good3) for an automatic $3.00 discount on any package.

They have a product for menstrual cramps, offering relief from period cramps, menstrual discomfort, and PMS—fast, or your money back.

Heather Gallagher has used GoPatch’s menstrual patches since after her second pregnancy, when her period began to be heavy, with debilitating cramps: “One morning I could not even stand up. I crawled to the bathroom in agonizing pain, grabbed a GoPatch, put it on and was ready to call in sick for work. But 15 minutes later, I realized how the patch worked, and it worked fast. I left the patch on for the rest of my cycle and noticed not only did I not have pain but the bleeding wasn’t heavy.”

Health First Pharmacy in Windsor, California, reported that a woman came into the store complaining that she‘d tried everything for her granddaughter’s cramps, so they showed her the GoPatch product. Later, the young girl was writhing in pain on the bathroom floor but after the patch was applied, she was able to get up and go to school.

The company’s Motion Sickness + Dizziness formula stops car, air, and seasickness, in humans and in pets—even after the nausea has started. It also relieves vertigo.

Use this link (or coupon code Good3) for an automatic $3.00 discount on any package.

Read GNN’s 2018 feature story about how a California health practitioner developed the product that has helped thousands of people and their pets.

Why This is a Good Gift:

  • Drug Free = Side Effect Free
  • All-Natural Ingredients with Allergen-Free Adhesive
  • Safe: Can be used while taking other medications
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Social Good: A portion of our profits are donated to The AIM Center, which provides education, employment, and housing for adults with mental illness
  • GNN Discount: Use This Link to get $3 off each package, for a limited time


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About the founder: Nicole Burdock, founder of GoPatch, is all about helping people. While on a boating adventure, she saw a group of small children miserable with seasickness. Having struggled her whole life with motion sickness, Nicole later grabbed some duct tape, sat at her kitchen table and got to work hoping to create a natural solution through a patch. Drawing from a decade of studies in alternative medicine, Nicole created a line of drug free, side effect-free patches available for you and your pets.