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This project is aiming to plant 3 million trees – one for every man, woman, and child – over the course of the next 25 years.

The movement known as City of Trees has already planted about 95,000 trees in the Greater Manchester area in England. The organization believes that by reforesting their district, they can create healthier communities; tackle climate change; reconnect kids to the natural world; and provide essential habitats for wildlife.

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The project’s website also cites the economic and academic benefit of expanded greenery; timber and forest related industries in northwest England are worth roughly $550 million, employing 69,000 people. Exposure to nature has also been shown to improve cognitive development of primary school children.

“In terms of health… woodlands can do great things in terms of air pollution reduction… [and] can help to screen for noise pollution,” City of Trees director Tony Hothersall told BBC. “They can also help cities and towns become more resilient to climate change both in terms of things like reducing the urban heat island effect and also reducing things like risk from surface water flooding.”

You can read more about the City of Tree’s project or donate to the cause by visiting the organization’s website.

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