Yoga has been a beloved source of relaxation, exercise, and discipline for thousands of years – and it’s now being used as a source of fun as well.

According to a new survey of 2,000 people, 87% of those who have tried yoga are in a better mood when they leave the studio — which is why they keep coming back for more.

When it comes to experimental yoga styles to try in 2019, laughter yoga topped the list of quirky options that Americans have signed up for.

  1. Laughter yoga 20%
  2. Hot yoga 18%
  3. Silent disco yoga 17%
  4. Aerial yoga 15%
  5. Cat yoga 15%
  6. Beer yoga 14%
  7. Dog yoga 13%

Even though each variety might seem like a strange twist on an ancient spiritual discipline, these unique yoga classes are popular. Many people wish they were attending experimental settings beyond the typical yoga studio. 66% of those surveyed attended at least one class per year in an experimental setting—but 83% wish they did more often.

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“People have been gathering together to practice yoga for thousands of years. In 2019, we’re seeing [yoga teachers] come up with new and creative ways for communities to practice together,” said Tamara Mendelsohn from Eventbrite, the company working in conjunction with OnePoll to conduct the research.

In New York City, yogis can attend classes in a room made entirely of pink Himalayan rock salt. Breathe Easy Spa says the micron-sized particles emit naturally occurring negative ions through a process called halogenation, with benefits including reduced inflammation and detoxifying the lungs and sinuses.

If you live near the English village of Devon, you can also do your downward dog in a field alongside dozens of grazing alpacas.

All of these types of yoga share a common theme: fun and relaxation. In fact, the biggest reason for practicing yoga is to release tension from the body, according to 54% of the poll’s participants.

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Other reasons include getting stronger physically and mentally (52%), de-stressing (51%), feeling happier (43%) and simply to workout (41%).

64% of those surveyed revealed they plan to practice more yoga in the upcoming year. While 3 in 10 will spend time on their yoga mat, 38% plan to engage in other wellness activities off the mat.

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Getting a Massage 39%
Going to Swim class 25%
Doing Yoga guided by video or app 24%
In-person yoga class at a gym or studio 23%
Meditation guided by video or app 22%
Having a Spa day 21%
Attending a Dance class 21%
In-person guided meditation 17%
A wellness event or festival 16%
In-person yoga class in a special setting or event 15%

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