The Bobby Bones Show, a nationally-syndicated radio morning show, has sparked a movement that reminds people to be joyful in honor of a co-host’s mother, who recently died of cancer.

Since her diagnosis two years ago, Amy’s mother, Judy, wanted to choose only joy, and fill her life with purpose. Especially with the reach of her daughter’s radio audience, she found that purpose, spreading joy to people everywhere.

With Judy as the inspiration, the country music radio hosts, who are musicians themselves, started a campaign called  “Pimpin’ Joy.” Hundreds of thousands of listeners have been “pimpin’ joy” through random acts of kindness, good deeds and donations – all inspired by Judy. (Watch the delightful video below.)

”I’ve seen her make a choice to compliment strangers at the hospital because she feels like it will make a difference,” Amy said. “I mean, she talks to people in elevators. Nobody talks in elevators.”

After her mom died in October, Amy and Bobby Bones raised more than $150,000 in her honor and gave the check last week to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, where no child is denied treatment based on their family’s ability to pay.

After raising money for country music artist Jason Aldean’s favorite breast cancer cause,  The Bobby Bones Show teamed up with him to perform a benefit concert for St. Jude which raised another $60K for the organization.

The radio show’s hosts also tour the nation performing benefit concerts for animal charities, with proceeds from these shows totaling $500,000, so far.

For Amy’s charity, 30 Abes, the Bobby Bones Show helped break the world record for number of hunger-relief meals packaged in one hour by gathering 2000 volunteers in the Nashville Auditorium last year, to feed children in Haiti.

(WATCH the delightful “Pimpin’ Joy video with Judy, below)


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