Ted’s Montana Grill’s isn’t just serving up tasty comfort food – they’re also serving up some of the most impressive eco-friendly practices in the restaurant business today.

The owners of the grill, Ted Turner and LongHorn Steakhouse founder George McKerrow, are celebrating the 15th anniversary the restaurant – now chain – that has few equals in the food industry in terms of environmental consciousness.

For starters, the restaurant is famous for convincing family-owned business Aardvark Straws to start making completely biodegradable paper straws – a product that hasn’t been manufactured in the U.S. since 1970. The partnership has reduced the number of straws in landfills by a whopping 46,000,000 million units per year. And paper straws – now a revitalized industry – have started expanding into other kitchens, food companies, and cruise lines.

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Ted’s continuous green commitment is also made evident by the menus printed on 100% recycled paper; their energy-efficient light bulbs; their recyclable paper table covers; to-go cups and containers made from corn starch that biodegrades in 50 days; and the restaurant’s ongoing pursuit of being certified as a 99% plastic-free business.

The grill ensures that used oil is recycled to make biodiesel fuel as part of the companywide recycling program. Some restaurants compost where possible, and the Turner Enterprises and Ted’s Montana Grill headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia are powered by solar energy.

Knowing the unique challenges of an industry that uses five times the amount of water used by an average business, the restaurant became a landmark leader in the food industry by earning a “Water Restoration Certificate” for its commitment to restore 5 million gallons of water to the Colorado River Basin.

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Ted has also had a hand in bringing back an animal that was close to extinction: the American bison. At the turn of the last century, there was only about 1,000 bison left in the nation. By creating demand for the species, there are now approximately 500,000 in North America – and Ted owns about one fifth of the population..

Co-founder McKerrow says that Ted’s future is to “remain a voice in the industry and a company known for doing good things” – but that’s already reflected in the Ted’s Montana Grill’s motto: “Eat Great, Do Good.”

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