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A revolutionary bridge project in the Netherlands will use 3-D printing robots spewing molten steel to create their own rails as they go–carrying themselves in mid-air and leaving a 24-foot bridge in their wake.

Instead of using a stationary 3-D printer which can only print horizontally and vertically, research and design company MX3D created swiveling robots that can fire out drop after drop of molten metal in any direction. This allows the robots to print elegant arches and intricate support frames.RobertDowneyJr-with-bionic-arm-LimbitlessSolutions

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MX3D has used the technology to build models and ornate sculptures, but when the two-week long bridge-building project gets underway in 2017, it will be one of the biggest tests of 3-D printing to date.

Engineers say this kind of technology could one day be used to construct skyscrapers or build space stations in orbit.

(WATCH the videos below or READ more at the Belfast Telegraph) – Photo: MX3D video/Artist’s concept


MX3D Bridge Visualization:

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  1. I don’t think this is neccessarily good news. This is yet another example of where skilled workers will be put out of work, all in the name of profits. The money will go to a very few people, as is happening with much of the tech sector.

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