An elusive feline named Pepper was finally rescued after eight days of running from the authorities at JFK airport.

The 4-year-old tabby had been curled up inside her carrier while her owner was getting ready to check-in for her flight to China.

As they were waiting in line, however, Pepper’s carrier fell on its side, popped open, and unleashed the anxious feline into the airport. The tabby seized her chance for escape and jumped onto the check-in counter before leaping up onto the low ceiling and disappearing into the facility.

Distraught by her cat’s escape, Pepper’s 29-year-old owner missed her flight so she could help search for the cat, although she was eventually forced to follow through with her relocation and take a plane to China without her cat.

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The Port Authority police officers, determined to reunite the feline with her owner, continued to search the airport.

Over the course of eight days, there were several sightings of Pepper in various hard-to-reach spots. When the cat stubbornly remained out of arm’s reach, they set up humane animal traps with cat food for bait – but they still had no luck.

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Finally, one of the JFK International officers thought to enlist the help of Nuan Tang, a friend of the cat’s owner who has watched Pepper in the past.

With a little cat food in hand, Tang started calling out for “Dai Meng”, which is Pepper’s Mandarin name that loosely translates to “little dork”.

Within 15 minutes, Pepper recognized Tang’s voice and scampered from her hiding place all the way to the cat carrier. Once the cat was safely secured in the carrier, Port Authority officers secured the box with duct tape so she wouldn’t be able to escape again.

Pepper is currently recovering at Tang’s house until she is ready to be reunited with her owner.


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