Serenading Newlyweds in Brooklyn New York

So after our performance in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, we visited a local bar and had the opportunity to serenade newlyweds Carmine and Yasmine for their first dance!!! Such a beautiful moment! Our lead vocalist is the fantastic Gareth Hanly!

Posted by The Line-Up on Saturday, March 26, 2016

A group of 125 Irish singers visiting a Bay Ridge, Brooklyn bar for a drink decided that a pair of newlyweds could use a little song.

The Line-Up choir had traveled from Dublin to New York in order to sing in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Just when they thought they were done performing, they met the newly married Carmine and Yasmine in a pub.

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While the love birds had their first dance, the choir performed a spontaneous, breath-taking performance of Irish singer Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love”.

The rock ballad is just one of many contemporary songs the community choir has performed since their formation in 2012.

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Video via The Line Up Choir, Facebook

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