A rugby player shocked his girlfriend by feigning a leg injury during a match—only to get down on one knee and propose.

Chris Robinson choreographed a rugby tackle with his whole team in on the elaborate plan that would catch his partner by surprise.

Called over to the pitch, Amanda Tuckwell, newly trained in first aid, believed that it must be serious, but when she arrived, the 30-year-old rolled over onto one knee and pulled out an engagement ring.

43-year-old Amanda thought he’d broken his leg, but recalled, “When he got up I thought he must have been in shock but then he got on one knee. I was very, very surprised.”

The couple from Halifax, West Yorkshire, had been together for five years when Chris started planning the proposal two months ago, waiting for a home game to make it special.

He was playing for amateur side Greetland All Rounders on Mar 18 at their Yorkshire League match against Kirkburton Courgars—and thought the surprise would also tickle the opposition.

“Amanda knew something was coming and I wanted to do it in a way she wouldn’t expect,” Chris, a primary school teacher from Halifax, explained. “If I’d booked a trip somewhere she would have guessed what was going on.

“I was a bit nervous. I was worried about what the other team would say but we were winning comfortably so it wasn’t a close game. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise!”

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Amanda agreed, adding: “I usually know what Chris is going to do before he does, so it had to be something different. I was shocked.”

The happy couple who met on the dating app Bumble are planning a low-key registrar wedding followed by a big party with friends and family, to help them save their pennies to buy their first house together.

The video filmed on the referee’s GoPro headcam has since gone viral on Rugby Mad Dad’s Facebook page.

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